A Cut Above

Burton Tree Service is an honest hard working company that will complete your job safely and efficiently.  You will receive your estimate from the same arborist who will be completing your job.  From large scale felling to pruning and basic yard maintenance, you can trust Burton Tree Service’s licensed and insured teams to complete your job in a timely manner.

Did the last company you hired for tree felling leave the stumps behind?  BTS will grind your stumps out and return the usability of your yard.

Did you miss the recommended window to trim your trees this year?  Get on our schedule for next year.  Remember, while some trimming is seasonal due to the chance of disease spread, we offer year round felling and stump grinding.  Additionally, storm damaged trees should be attended to as soon as possible, no matter what the season.

Happy with the outstanding service provided by our arborist staff? Please consider BTS for all your spring and fall yard cleanup and winter snow removal needs.